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Mr Logan Nicolson

Depute Head Teacher :
Mr Billy Forsyth (Primary)

Depute Head Teacher :
Mrs Laehann Johnson (Secondary)

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Brae High School
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(01595) 745603 (Primary)

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Older News
Date Title
29th June 11 Hockey - Secondary 3 to 6 - 29th June 2011
27th June 11 Primary County Sports - 27th June 2011
22nd June 11 Secondary 1 & 2 Hockey Tournament - Wednesday 22nd June - Brae Astro Pitch
18th June 11 Primary 6 & 7 School Trip to Edinburgh, Glasgow & Loch Insh - 18th June to 25th June 2011
3rd June 11 Primary Sports Day
31st May 11 Primary 6 Cycle Training with Philip-Ashley Smith
30th May 11 Primary Health Week - Monday 30th May to Friday 3rd June
25th May 11 Secondary One Parents Night 6pm - 8pm
16th May 11 Secondary Health and Wellbeing Week
17th May 11 Drama Day with Izzy Swanson and John Haswell (Primary 7s Transition Day)
12th May 11 Maths Fun Day (Primary 7s Transition Day)
6th May 11

FAB Fund Gets a Boost From Brae High Pupil Council

5th May 11 Choices for Life (Primary 7s)
29th April 11 Primary Pupils Celebrate Royal Wedding Day
28th April 11 Ross Laurenson presents the Brae High School with self designed Up-Helly-Aa flag - March 2011
28th April 11 RAF Sponsor School Strips
28th April 11 Felix Gifford call to present Scottish School Team - Dublin - March 2011
28th April 11 Winter Ball - February 2011
28th April 11 Scottish School Swimmng Champions - January 2011 - Felix Gifford and Calum MacColl
28th April 11 Felix Gifford and Calum MacColl were presented with polo shirts and cheque to help towards their trip - Jan 2011
28th April 11 Associated Board Piano Exams - January 2011
22 April 11 Hustings Pictures
20 April 11 Da Voar Redd Up
25 March 11 Wear Red to School Day
18th Mar 11 Primary Up-Helly-Aa
25th Feb 11 CHILD Driving Academy Poster
25th Feb 11 ADULTS Driving Academy Poster
23rd Feb 11 Pre-School Registration Week - Form
23rd Feb 11 Pre-School Registration Week - Booklet
23rd Feb 11 Pre-School Registration Week - Poster
20th Jan 11 Some Snowy Scenes from Brae High
20th Jan 11 Felix Awarded Sports Personality of the Year
20th Jan 11 Nursery/Primary Christmas Concert - December 2010
18th Dec 10 Primary Learning Teamwork
22nd Nov 10 Social Awareness in Primary - Charity fundraising
22nd Nov 10 Stephen represents young crofters at the Scottish Parliament
29th Oct 10 Primary Halloween Parade
8th Oct 10 Chris Huhne Report
8th Oct 10 European Day for Secondary 1
8th Oct 10 Volleyball Team day in Clickimin
27th Sept 10 September Football and Netball Teams
27th Sept 10 Sponsored Walk at Clickimin
20th Aug 10 Primary Garden
3rd July 10 Hockey Masters
3rd July 10 Hockey Masters
2nd July 10 Summer Fayre
15th June 10 Secondary Sporting Success
14th June 10 Primary 7 Maths Fun Day
4th June 10 Primary Sporting Prowess!
4th June Valkenburg Pics
31st may 10 Swap Show Water Aid Day
1st May 10 Hustings Pictures and Report
30th Mar 10 Sport Relief
30th Mar 10 Skiing in La Thuile
30th Mar 10 Torf Einar Visits the School
30th Mar 10 Music Festival Pictures
5th Mar 10 Winter Ball Pics
2nd Feb 10 Letter - Parental Communication Tree
29th Jan 10 Easy Fundraising
18th Dec 09 Primary Christmas Concert - December 2009
17th Dec 09 Concert Review
17th Dec 09 Skills Awards
17th Dec 09 Mossbank Winners
20th Nov 09 Patryk Interviews Swimming Success - Felix Gifford - New!
1st Nov 09 Sponsored Walk in Aid of Trips
1st Oct 09 Awa the lad
31st August 09 Swine Flu Update Information
25th August 09 Secondary trip to Valkenburg - The Netherlands
11th May 09 Maths Fun day a Big Success
1st May 09 Well Done Zenith
24th April 09 Voar Redd Up Pictures
1st April 2009 Millenium Volunteers
27th March 09 End of Term
23rd March 09 School Celebrates UHA
19th March 09 Music Success
19th March 09 Red Noses Raise Cash
16th March 09 Lib Dem Leader Visits
16th March 09 School Menu - 16th - 20th March 2009
25th Jan 2009 Clan Money Handed Over
25th Jan 2009 Communication and Consultation Reminder
25th Jan 2009 Mr. Kirkness In Lerwick Fire Festival
22nd Jan 2009 School Menu - 26th - 30th January 09
9th Oct 2008 Link to Standards and Quality Report -Primary & Nursery
15th Dec 2008 Winter Ball Pictures
15th Dec 2008 End of Term Letter - Secondary
9th Dec 2008 HMIe Report Released
12th Dec 08 Some Dates for Oct 2008 - March 2009
3rd Dec 2008 New Head Appointed
11th Nov 2008 Fabian Fund Update
11th Nov 2008 Shoeboxes Away
11th Nov 2008 Sponsors pour in for Clickimin Walk
1st Nov 2008 Kenny Inspires Pupils to do well
9th Oct 2008 Well Done FAB Walkers!
9th Oct 2008 Link to Standards and Quality Report - Secondary
9th Oct 2008 Letter to parents 3 - Secondary
9th Oct 2008 School Menu 27th-31st October 08
5th Oct 2008 Calcutta Cup
3rd Oct 2008 Secondary 1 get messy!
2nd Oct 2008 School Menu - 6th - 9th October 08
28th Sept 2008 Schools Fantasy League - Entries Now Being Taken
28th Sept 2008 University Trip
27th Sept 2008 Language Celebrations
26th Sept 2008 School Menu - 29th September - 3rd October 08
15th Sept 2008 Car Boot Success
8th Sept 2008 Letter to Parents 2 - Secondary
7th Sept 2008 Summer Fayre News
7th Sept 2008 Initial SQA report
24th Aug 2008 Brae Travel Plan 2008 (PDF)
23rd Aug 2008 Letter to Parents 1 - Secondary
1st July 2008 Careers Message from Vaila Angus
1st July 2008 Pupils win first ever FAB Trophy
20th June 2008 College Day out was Huge Success
20th June 2008 New Tradition Picture Gallery
15th June 2008 Secondary 3C need your (true) stories!!!
14th June 2008 School Fayre Day 2007 - a reminder!!!!
14th June 2008 Top Exhibition Awaits Talented Sixth Year
5th June 2008 Mathematics Dept. revamps web information
5th June 2008 Mr. Grant to leave at summer
22 May 2008 Choices for Life is A Big Hit
28 April 2008 Voar Redd Up Pics
23 April 2008 Charity Begins in school
28 Mar 2008 A Prom to Remember!
30 Jan 2008 Christmas pictures
19 Dec 2007 Erfolg!! - A Comic Success in German
19 Dec 2007 Christmas Newsletter News and message from Mr. Grant
19 Dec 2007 Well Done Libalob Enterprise
12 Dec 2007 Shelter Tent Visits Brae
12 Dec 2007 Sponsored Walk Update !!
12 Dec 2007 P6 and 7 Rise to the Maths Challenge
23 Nov 2007 Big Wild Reading session for Primary 6 and 7
20 Nov 2007 Walk and Run in Lerwick
13 Nov 2007 Fiddle Success
8 Nov 2007 S5/6 Multisports Day
7 Nov 2007 Head of Schools Asks for a Vision
7Nov 2007 Shoebox Appeal A Great Success
7 Nov 2007 Students visit AHS for Chemistry Lecture
12 Oct 2007 Accordion Workshop Pictures
10 Oct 2007 Shetland Fiddle at the Royal Scottish Academy
4 Oct 2007 Filsket Cash
1 Oct 2007 NASA Land
28 Sept 2007 European Flavours
28 Sept 2007 Step To It Loris!
6th July 07 Staff on receiving end of Double Upset
3rd July 07 Summer Fayre
3rd July 07 Mrs. Begg Ambushed!
3rd July 07 The Show Went on - Rebecca Reflects!
3rd July 07 Laura Leaves
25th June 07 Tuck Shop Hygeine Certification
1st June 07 Sci-Fun visit Brae
20th May 07 Salou Trip Pictures
9th May 07 Last day for Secondary 6
9th May 07 Activities Line up
9th May-07 Brae High Y-Vote Sees SNP Coast to Victory
9th May-07 Poetry Competition Entries
26th April-07 Filsketeers Scoop Final
25th- April-07 Election Candidates seek to influence the Youth Vote
25th-April-07 Radio Delting on Air!!
16th-April-07 School Bank Opens
29-March-07 Primary Enterprise Day a Big Success
29-March-07 School Bank Launches
15-March-07 Social Skills Group Exhibit in Isleburgh
13-March-07 Book Reviews
13-March-07 Debate - Wind Turbines
6-Feb-07 Bags for Barcelona and Salou
6-Feb-07 Enterprise Raises Cash for Good Causes
20-jan -07 2006 Christmas Newsletter
12-jan-07 Old Photos
12-jan-07 Miss Brown Retires
15-Dec-06 Oh Calcutta!
14-dec-06 Filsket CD Launch
10-nov-06 Parental Involvement Bill
12-oct-06 Shetland Times in Filsket Scoop!
12-0ct-06 Sponsor Joy for School Trip foot weary!
10-oct-06 Stained Glass Workshop for Senior Pupils
6-oct-06 Updated School Calendar
4-oct-06 Healthy Tuck goes down well
4-oct-06 Ski Italia lauches for fun in the snow 2008!
4-oct-06 Summer Football Pictures for Nathan!
4-oct-06 S1 Outdoor Education Days Photo Special
4-oct-06 Language Day Photo Special
22-sep-06 Freshers Week for S1
20-sep-06 S6 Attend Stirling and Heriot Watt Open Days
20-sep-06 Reduce Reuse and Recycle
19-sep-06 European Day of Language
14-sep-06 Shoebox Appeal
14-sep-06 Ryan's Space School Experiences
14-sep-06 School Tuck Trials
14-sep-06 Sakchai
14-sep-06 Bags of Fun in Somerfields
14-sep-06 Ex-Pupils - Tell us what you are up to!
2006-05-22 Valkenburg Trip A Great Success
2006-05-10 Vista Young Enterprise in Fisheries College Presentation
2006-04-25 See the English Department's recent folio work
2006-04-25 Ski Success
2006-01-25 Santa's Little Helpers
2005-11-20 Aberdeen University Gives Medicine to Brae High
2005-11-19 Secondary 2 Science Skills Extended
2005-11-19 Positive Steps to Good Behaviour in Secondary 1
2005-11-10 2005 Young Writer of the Year
2005-11-07 Get your 2006 calendar here!
2005-11-04 Ex-pupils welcome to request information or pictures
2005-09-26 Schools Fantasy League
2005-09-26 Valkenburg Trip - Update
2005-09-26 Promoting Positive Behaviour Scheme
2005-09-26 Esther goes to Space School, Houston
2005-09-19 Bug Man visits Brae
2005-09-15 Ex-Pupil seeks old school friends from 80-86
2005-08-22 Brae High's First Ever Class Reunion ('77)
2005-06-30 End of Term Pupils v Teachers Football
2005-06-27 Brae sails well in School Regatta
2005-06-23 Brae High School Website goes LIVE!
2005-06-23 News on the Valkenburg Trip
2005-06-21 School Holidays and INSET days
2005-06-21 Space School
2005-06-20 School's Fantasy League Winners
2005-06-09 Kerr Recognised for Outstanding Achievement in Physics
2005-05-26 Paris Trip
2005-05-25 Industry Links
2005-05-25 S6 Leave
2005-05-23 Activity Days
2005-04-28 Brae High School on Film
2005-04-25 Alice Retires
2005-04-20 Molly the Moth
2005-03-23 CITB Bridge Building
2005-03-18 Delting Up-Helly-Aa
2005-03-18 Royal Marines Visit
2005-03-01 Splinters Youth Theatre Trip
2005-02-24 Ex-Pupil Goes Commando
2005-02-14 Harmony Group
2005-02-14 Promoting Positive Behaviour
2005-02-14 Rugby on the Move
2005-02-10 School Motto
2005-02-10 Ski Trip Plans
2005-01-19 Young Enterprise
2005-01-19 Primary Calendar
2005-01-19 Primary Rainforest
2005-01-19 Space School
2005-01-19 School Fantasy Football
2005-01-19 Global Classroom



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