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Contact Information

Head Teacher:
Mr Logan Nicolson

Depute Head Teacher :
Mr Billy Forsyth (Primary)

Depute Head Teacher :
Mrs Laehann Johnson (Secondary)

Email: contact us

Staff Members:

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Brae High School
United Kingdom

Telephone Number:
(01595) 745601 (Primary)

(01595) 745600 (Secondary)

Fax Number:
(01595) 745603 (Primary)

(01595) 745602 (Secondary)


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Parents Area

This area of the website is designed to provide parents with any information about the School that they need. Both parents of children at Brae High School and prospective parents may find this information useful.

Please note that no documents containing personal information will be displayed on this website.

If you feel there is anything missing from this section of the site, please send an email to one of the addresses on the left for consideration.

Useful Websites

Description: Scottish Parent Teacher Council. This website offers help and advice to all parents. On the website you will find advice leaflets and reports in Publications, whilst FAQ provides answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Description: Practical support, information and resources for the 5-14 national guidelines. 

Description: Gridclub is the official Scottish Executive out of school, FREE, online education project for 7-11 year olds. It's a safe place to have fun and learn, at home and in school.

The Scottish Out of School Care Network 

Description: The Scottish Out of School Care Network supports school-aged play, care and learning. We promote good quality, sustainable out of school care and support the child's right to play, equal opportunities and partnership working. 

Description: A great site to read about and order the best of Scottish fiction for children. They have a special section for young people. There are special discounts for schools

Description: A Scottish Executive established network to enable teachers, parents and young people to share ideas about how bullying can be tackled

Description: The Scottish Commission for the Regulation of Care (The Care Commission) is a new national organisation set up under the Regulation of Care ( Scotland) Act 2001 to regulate and inspect Scottish care services.

Description: This web site is a valuable resource for schools and education authorities, designed to support them in their implementation of the national priorities

Description: Offers a broad range of information for parents, carers and others responsible for school age children. The website also provides a comprehensive list of links to useful organisations and recent publications.

Description: This website contains information of the work carried out by Her Majesties Inspectors of Education. Copies of all HMIE published reports can be viewed here.

Description: This site is for parents, carers, families and other community members who want to find out more about heatlh promoting schools and how they can support their children and help themselves become healthier

( Brae High School is not responsible for the content of external internet sites )

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