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English, Social Subjects and Religious Education

English | Social Subjects | History | Geography | Modern Studies | Philosophy | RME

English Department (back to top)

Some recent (May 2006) examples of pupils folio work here

A total of four teachers, including Principal Teacher Jim Mainland, teach English from S1 to S6, 5-14 to Advanced Higher.

In S1 and S2, pupils continue the 5-14 programme they started in Primary. The four main areas of English are: Listening, Talking, Reading and Writing.

At Standard Grade, pupils study texts of increasing sophistication and challenge.

Final grades for Reading and Writing are based partly on course work completed in class, and partly on final exams, taken in May of fourth year. Talking is assessed internally by teachers and grades for each pupils submitted to the Scottish Qualifications Authority by the end of the S4. The final certificate will therefore contain individual grades for Reading, Writing, Talking and an overall grade,

Classes are organised in such a way that each pupil has the opportunity to achieve the maximum of his/her ability. All classes follow a similar course, but the work arising may vary according to the needs of the pupil.

In S5/6, the Higher and Intermediate course is made up of three units: Language; Literature; and Personal Study. These units are internally assessed, and pupils need to pass these before they can sit the exam, which consists of two papers: Close Reading and Critical Essay.

At Advanced Higher, Pupils choose three units, usually: Literature, Creative Writing (or Textual Analysis) and the mandatory Personal Study (Dissertation).

Social Subjects (back to top)

This department incorporates history, geography and modern studies. A total of four staff under principal teacher Jim Mainland teach a range of courses from 5-14 Environmental Studies to Advanced Higher.

History (back to top)

Based on the 5-14 Environmental Studies guidelines topics covered include, at S1:

And at S2:

Pupils choosing history at Standard Grade cover the following units:

In S5/6, Higher history pupils study:

Geography (back to top)

Based on the 5-14 Environmental Studies guidelines, topics covered include, at S1:

And at S1/2:

Pupils choosing Standard Grade cover the following:

At Higher and Intermediate 2 the course is made up of 3 compulsory units:

Modern Studies (back to top)

Based on the 5-14 Environmental Studies guidelines, topics covered include, at S1:

And at S2:

The Higher Modern Studies course is as follows:


Philosophy is offered at Intermediate 2 and Higher to pupils in S5 and S6. The course includes units on:

Philosophy is taught by Stephen Raikes.

Click here for Philosophy pages

Religious and Moral Education (RME) (back to top)

RME courses are taught by Mr Robert Bennet, under principal teacher Jim Mainland. In S1/2 the course is based on a personal search approach with each of the new units tackling key life questions. S1 units are:

And in S2:

The S3/4 course consists of stand-alone units from the Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies Intermediate courses. These are:

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